Window Tint Questions

FAQ - Window Tint Questions Answered

Both residential window tinting and commercial window tinting  have many benefits. During the summer months, window tint keeps your home cool while your air conditioner does its job. All while preventing the natural heat from the sun entering the windows.

During the cold winter months, window tint keeps the heat on the inside while preventing reflecting the cold air from entering. Window tint can also save you money on your energy bill, while keeping all people inside comfortable.

Designed to create an appealing and enhanced appearance to all windows and glass. Specialty or decorative window film offers heat restriction, privacy protection, and intense sun glare prevention. White Matte film is a material that looks to be frosted and is commonly found on glass in both bathrooms and door windows.

Black Out film is a solid black material that cannot be seen through either side of the glass or windows. This type of film is often times installed on the bottom of strip mall windows. Another Specialty film option is dual reflective privacy tint that is applied as the safest film for dual pane windows.

Solar window film is offered in a reflective, neutral and complete black out material. Window film reflective layers can commonly be found facing outside of residential or commercial building windows. This is where outsiders see a reflection or mirror-like image of themselves.

But those inside the structure can see out with minimal glare or reflection in the neutral layer. Neutral only film is a tinting material found on residential windows where you are able to see both inside and outside.

Black out film is a very dark tint that is not visible through either side of the glass. This is found where you would see people’s feet when they’re sitting in a restaurant.

All three of these films offer sun glare, UV protection, heat protection and fading against the sun to assure a comfortable and appealing look to your home or building.

Security film is the greatest way to protect and prevent glass from being shattered. All of our security films are offered with different densities to allow for a strong and more durable film application. The thicker the security film is, the higher the protection rate is in regards to glass shattering.

When installing this film on your commercial store front windows you will likely deter a burglar from breaking in. Eight millimeter film can withstand up to 224 pounds of force per square inch. 

Security film is also found to be a strong anti-graffiti film.  To prevent individuals from carving into you glass their favorite band name. As this security window film is very hard to scratch through the surface.

Security film is a great option for added protection to a home, bank, or commercial business to prevent unwanted intruders from gaining access into the location.


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