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Truevue 30 window tint products by Solargard window films are dual reflective, with the reflective side being on the outer side to maximize the most heat rejection and neutral on the inside to maintain a clear visual while looking out residential or commercial windows. Truevue 30 Window tint is what was applied to this Residental home in downtown Phoenix. Our client chose this specific window tint for their home in order to utilize the reflective window tint to combat the morning sun shining into their bedroom early in the morning on the structures east side 3rd floor. Also the client utilized the same tint of Truevue 30 window tint on the 2nd floor to cool the living room while rejecting 61% of solar energy with the living room having a south exposure with all day sun.

  • Reflective Truevue 30 window tint enhance energy savings during the summer months and act as an insulant during the winter months while keeping the warmth inside the structure.
  • Minimal interior reflectiveness offering up to 94% of little to no glare while enjoying views to the outside
  • 99% UV rejection protecting individuals from these harmful rays as well the interior furnishings


Product Name% Visible Light
% Visible Light
Reflectance (Exterior)
% Ultraviolet Light
% Total Solar
Energy Rejected
TRUEVUE 4039%14%>99%51%
TRUEVUE 3031%22%>99%61%
TRUEVUE 1512%45%>99%80%
TRUEVUE 55%45%>99%82%

Total Performance measured on 1/8” (3mm) thick clear glass for best results.

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