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Legal Regulations for Security Window Films in Phoenix, Arizona

Security window films are an increasingly popular choice for businesses and homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona. These films can enhance the safety and security of your property by deterring break-ins, reducing the risk of injuries from broken glass, and providing protection from UV rays and glare. However, it is important to understand the legal regulations governing clear security window films before installing them. 

Understanding Safety and Security Window Film Laws

Window films security protect from potential injuries in the event of glass breakage. These window film security hold glass shards together and prevent them from scattering and potentially causing injury. These films are typically thicker than traditional window tinting films and require special installation techniques. 

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) has specific guidelines for the installation of security window films in schools. These guidelines are designed to protect students and staff in the event of break-in or other emergencies. Schools must use security window films that meet the ADE’s standards.

It is important to have security window films installed by a qualified professional to ensure that they are properly installed and that they meet safety standards.

Compliance with GSA Regulations for Tinted Window Films

The General Services Administration (GSA) has specific regulations for tinted window films that are installed on federal buildings. These regulations are set according to the requirements set in the American Society of Testing and Materials ANSI Z97.1, CPSC 16, CFR 1201, and EN12600 standards for safety glazing


Safety and Performance Standards Security Window Films

The main purpose of GSA regulations is to ensure that tinted window films meet safety and performance standards. These requirements include:

  • Visible light transmission: Tinted window films must allow at least 70% of clear light to pass through.
  • Color neutrality: Tinted window films must not distort the color of objects seen through them.
  • Uniformity: Tinted window films must have a uniform color and appearance.
  • Durability: Tinted window films must be able to withstand exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, moisture, and temperature extremes.

Window Tint Laws Performance Standards

In addition to safety standards, the GSA’s regulations also include performance standards for tinted window films. These standards include:

  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC): Tinted window films must have a SHGC of 0.77 or less. This means that the film must block at least 23% of the solar heat that would otherwise enter a building through the windows.
  • Visible light transmittance (VLT): Tinted window films must have a VLT of 0.35 or more. This means that the film must allow at least 35% of clear light to pass through.
  • Color rendition index (CRI): Tinted window films must have a CRI of 70 or more so that the security window film does not distort the color of objects seen through it.

All federal buildings in Phoenix must use tinted window films that comply with GSA regulations. Tinted window films can be a valuable addition to any building, both residential and commercial. By complying with GSA regulations, you can ensure that your colored window films meet the highest performance standards of residential window tinting laws.

What are the durability and warranty of security window film?

What are the Future Trends and Developments in Security Window Films?

The future of security window films is bright. There are a number of new trends and developments that are making these films even more effective and versatile.

Anticipated Changes in Security Window Film Installation by 2024

By 2024, it is expected that there will be even more stringent regulations governing the installation of security films. It is because of the increasing importance of security in schools, businesses, and homes.

Advancements in Bullet-Resistant or Entry-Resistant Film Technology

Bullet-resistant and entry-resistant films are becoming increasingly popular as businesses and homeowners seek to protect their property from robbers. These films are being made thinner and lighter while still providing the same level of protection.

Use of Applied Window Films for Enhanced Security and Safety Features

Applied clear window films are being used to add new security and safety features to window films. For example, some applied films can block radio frequency identification (RFID) signals, which can protect against identity theft.

Influence of Arizona Department  of Education Regulations on Window Security Films

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) regulations on window security films are likely to have a significant impact on the future of these films. The ADE’s regulations ensure schools are using the most effective and up-to-date security window films.

How Do Window Films Contribute to Safety and Security?

Clear security window films can contribute to safety and security in several ways:

  • Deterring break-ins: Clear security window films make it more difficult for burglars to see inside your property, which can deter them from breaking in.
  • Reducing risk of injuries from broken glass: Clear security window films hold glass shards together in the event of breakage, preventing them from scattering and potentially causing injury.
  • Protecting from UV rays and glare: Clear security window films block UV rays, which can help to protect your skin, furniture, and flooring from sun damage. They can also reduce glare, which can make it easier to see while driving.

Solar Gard Security Window Film 

Solar Gard is a leading manufacturer of safety window films. The company is constantly innovating to develop new and improved films. For example, Solar Gard has recently introduced a new film that protects windows from damage caused by flying debris.

Solar Gard Window Films are known for their durability and performance, making them an excellent choice for properties in Phoenix. Installing Solar Gard safety window film on residential and commercial buildings enhances the protection, security, and comfort of your property.

These protection window films come in various tint percentages, meet the highest safety and security standards, effectively deter break-ins, reduce the risk of injuries from broken glass, and provide protection from UV rays and glare. Additionally, these films block up to 99% of UV rays, helping to prevent skin cancer. 

Beyond safety, Solar Gard Safety and Security Film enhances visibility by reducing glare and improving contrast, increases privacy by obscuring the view of your property from the outside, and reduces noise pollution by absorbing sound waves. 

If you are considering having security window films installed, be sure to contact a qualified professional. For the best installation services of window films, You can contact Total Protection Films, one of the leading Window Film installation service providers. Our expert technicians ensure your window film fits perfectly and is oriented correctly to meet all security requirements. 

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