SRP Insulation Rebate Case Study for Window Tinting

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Benefits of Window Tinting and SRP Insulation Rebate

Real-life experiences often speak louder than theoretical benefits. In this final post of our series, we highlight case studies and testimonials from homeowners who have experienced the tangible benefits of window tinting and the SRP insulation rebate program.

Case Study 1: Dr. Ish Singla – Advanced Cardiovascular Center, Good Year AZ

Problem: The lobby of the Advanced Cardiovascular Center faced significant issues with radiating heat from the storefront windows, impacting patient comfort.

Solution: Total Protection Films installed TrueVue 15 solar window film acting as a window insulation to break down radiating heat from coming through the dual pane glass.

Outcome: The installation led to a noticeable decrease in heat, by enhancing comfort for patients waiting to be seen. With an over all solar energy rejection of 65%. The project successfully qualified for SRP rebates, adding financial benefits to the improved environmental conditions. 

Project Case Study

Case Study 2: Homeowner Art Patterson – Fountain Hills, Arizona

Problem: Art Patterson’s home was plagued by intense heat and glare from the south and west sides during the afternoon. This disruption disabled the Paterson’s from being able to work from their office located on the west end of the home. 

Solution: Total Protection Films provided a window tinting solution to address heat and glare issues. This resulted with almost completely eliminating the glare by 86% and dropping the solar heat gain coefficient rating to .35 .

Outcome: The tinting significantly alleviated the heat and glare problems. Additionally, Art was able to receive an SRP rebate and apply for the IRS 5695 residential energy tax credit, leading to a 30% deduction of the invoiced amount.

Testimonial: “Chris and his team did a great job… all in all a great experience and highly recommend Total Protection films.”

The Bigger Picture: Customer Satisfaction and Environmental Impact

These case studies demonstrate more than just individual satisfaction; they reflect a broader trend of homeowners and businesses benefiting from energy efficient upgrades. The environmental impact of these improvements is equally significant, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Results That Matter

The stories of Dr. Ish Singla and Art Patterson are just a few examples among many who have reaped the rewards of energy efficient window tinting and SRP rebates. These real-life experiences underscore the practical benefits of making such upgrades, both in terms of financial savings and environmental responsibility.

We hope this series has provided you with valuable insights into understanding the SRP rebate program and window tinting. Whether it’s for comfort, cost savings, or environmental sustainability, these upgrades offer something for everyone.

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