Solar Gard Truevue 15 window film

Case Study: Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Comfort at the Advanced Cardiovascular Center

Project Overview- Solar Gard Truevue 15 


Total Protection Films played a pivotal role in the recent renovation of the Advanced Cardiovascular Center in Goodyear, Arizona. The project’s centerpiece involved the application of Solar Gard’s Truevue 15 window film, designed to increase energy efficiency and create a more comfortable environment for patients and staff. This upgrade not only led to significant cooling cost savings but also qualified the center for a rebate from SRP and an energy tax deduction under IRS form 5695.


The primary goal was to transform the Advanced Cardiovascular Center into a more energy-efficient facility, reducing cooling costs and enhancing the comfort of patients and employees.


Remarkably, the project encountered minimal challenges. The building’s pre-existing dual-pane low-E glass windows seamlessly integrated with the newly applied Truevue 15 window film. This synergy brought the building’s energy conservation capabilities to its zenith, especially concerning glass window treatments.


Although multiple solutions were considered like other Truevue series of films, Truevue 30 and Truevue 5.  Solar Gard Truevue 15 window film emerged as the optimal choice. This solution met all the project’s requirements, including UV protection for the newly installed wood flooring, thereby extending its longevity and appearance.


Steve Chacon, Senior Installation Manager at Total Protection Films, led the project with his two decades of expertise in commercial architectural window film installation. His meticulous approach involved pre-installation metering of the glass to ensure proper identification of the low-E coating. This careful planning was crucial to prevent post-installation thermal fracturing and to meet the manufacturer’s energy-saving benchmarks.


The implementation of Truevue 15 window film led to a notable improvement in the building’s energy efficiency. Interior glare was reduced by over 56%, contributing to a significantly more comfortable environment for all occupants. These changes are expected to yield long-term cost savings and enhance the overall user experience within the facility.

Client Feedback

Dr. Singla, representing the Advanced Cardiovascular Center, expressed great satisfaction with the project’s outcome. He was particularly pleased to contribute to Arizona’s initiative encouraging business owners to adopt more energy-efficient practices in their establishments.

This case study demonstrates Total Protection Films’ commitment to delivering innovative solutions that align with environmental sustainability and client comfort. The successful application of Solar Gard’s Truevue 15 window film at the Advanced Cardiovascular Center serves as a benchmark for similar projects in the industry.

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