Elite House Window Tinting in Phoenix

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House Window Tinting in Phoenix

Living in Phoenix with intruding solar radiations, sheathing the windows is the first thing that comes to mind. All you want is to stop those intense glaring rays interfering with the comfort in your house. Blinds or heavy curtains won’t help you much if you don’t want to compromise the exterior view or, you want to save on energy bills.

The best choice you can have is a tint. There are plenty of options you can choose from, for what you require. You can get expert consultation to find the best house window tinting in Phoenix.

However, here we have made it a little easier to help you identify the right choice for the tint for increased performance. Types of Window Tint for Homes To Increase Performance Window tints are available in a wide range for various purposes, including performance, security and privacy. If you’re concerned about the trapped solar heat and blazing glare, you need to go with tints that can enhance the performance of your house.

For this, you have five types of window tints, namely heat control window film, insulation window film, UV window film, glare blocking window film and security window film. Each of them offers a very unique function. Read on to know more. Heat Control Window Film Direct sunlight coming to the room creates hotspots and increases the room temperature, sometimes making you feel like boiling.

It gets very uncomfortable to sit and relax in the room unless you switch on the air conditioning units. Heat control window tint helps you with this problem by blocking up to 80% of the solar heat from passing through the plain glass. It brings down the room temperature and keeps the room cool during the day.

It also reduces your reliance on air conditioning units, saving on your energy bills.

UV Protected Window Film

We know how harmful UV rays are and to what extent they can damage human skin and belongings. Thus it becomes important to protect your family and furnishings at home from invading UV rays through windows. There are several UV protected window films with up to 99% UV rays blocking capacity. It prevents fading of furniture, carpets, and other furnishings exposed to regular sunlight.

The natural light still comes into the room.

Glare Blocking Window Film

Glare often disturbs your view while watching television, working on computers, and doing any work in the room. It puts strain on vision and makes you see anything with squinted eyes. Curtains and blinds can cut the glare, but you will have to sit in the dark, or turn on the lights during the day, which can again cost energy bills.

Choose glare blocking window film to get a comfortable vision without making the room dark and putting the lights on in the daytime.

Security Window Film

Security at home is an essential factor you cannot ignore. Besides solar heat, the threat of robbers and intruders at home in your absence keeps bothering you. Security window film can reinforce vulnerable entry points to your place.

It adds an extra layer of security on the glass that can deter break-ins. It acts as a strong layer that can withstand and delay intrusions.

How to get the right fit

You can consider these window films to decide on what tint you want for your house. Considering the performance, think about what you want to achieve. You can choose any one of them, though it doesn’t mean to settle for mere one kind.

You can combine two or more options to get the desired result. For the best result and apt decision, you can get expert help. Get in touch with Total Protection Films, the best house window tinting in Phoenix, to find the exact match for your needs.

We have experienced consultants, who can help you discuss a variety of options, to find the one that perfectly fits your needs. Our technicians ensure to carefully install the window tint.

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