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What is the first thing that comes to your mind while discussing window films? Most likely, the notorious sun, right? But helping to control the intense sun is just the underpinning reason for having Architectural Window Films in Scottsdale. The window film prevents the transmission of solar rays into room spaces and what's more, it offers a great way to create stunning interior atmospheres and exterior environments with defining characteristics and mood perspectives. You can improve the insulating performance of windows, along with enjoying endless decorative opportunities, or substantially increasing safety and privacy.

If saving on energy bills, enhancing security or any other performance-based function is not necessarily on your priority list, and looking for films that are made purely for aesthetic or privacy reasons, following are the options you can consider.

Mirrored Window Film

For the conditions, when light outside is brighter than the interior light, a reflective window tint is an ideal option that creates a two-way mirror effect. It means you will have an uninterrupted outside view and you can enjoy sitting inside the room. However, people on the other side of the glass can only see a reflection. You can select this window film type in order to create privacy in the daytime, or give a facelift to the building having glass walls.

Opaque or translucent window film is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high level of privacy at all times. Windows tinted with translucent films allow some amount of natural light to get in during the daytime while offering nighttime privacy so well.

If you are ready to give away the natural light completely, opaque window film will be the right choice for your requirement. Remember, you will be sacrificing visibility for the sake of privacy.

Decorative Window Film

When it is solely about the aesthetics, transformation of your home or office interiors, you can explore several different types of decorative window films. There are plenty of options available for decorative films. You can have full opaque, custom printed window films to add solid graphics like company logos or tags on windows. Or you can have translucent or transparent printed window tints to add see-through decorative graphics.

Colored Window Film

Privacy and artistic, colored window films solve both the purposes for your office or home. You can get a blue or red color tint installed on your window for a contemporary look. Moreover, you can get something like dichroic colored window tint that offers shimmering, color-changing effects, thereby enhancing the visual appearance of your room. There are black colored window films that can contribute to increasing privacy.

Frosted Window Film

Frosted window tint is yet another option in films to add privacy. It can be installed over the entire glass portion or in sections, adding privacy to certain areas. This is a perfect choice for glass dividers or windows in bathrooms. It is also used in offices having glass walls around conference rooms, private offices, or reception and waiting areas.

Choosing The Right Window Film

With so many options, it gets so confusing to decide on the one ultimate choice. The best way to decide is by considering what you want to achieve performance-wise and how you want the glass to appear. Although, keep in mind that performance factors and aesthetic options can be combined. Hence, you don’t necessarily have to settle with just one type of window film.

You can also have expert advice for architectural window films in Scottsdale, and Total Protection Films can help you with that. They offer a wide spectrum of architectural window films to perfectly suit your desired purpose. They are the leading tint service provider in Scottsdale, offering customers the best experience and guaranteed satisfaction with impeccable results.

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