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Hobe Labs Tempe
Hobe Labs of Tempe applied Maxpro DR 5 interior window tint and Solargard Sentinel Plus DX 5 Exterior Rejecting Solar Energy by 90%

Commercial Window Tint & Film

Commercial window film not only enhances the look and feel of your office or storefront, it provides added security and energy savings as well. Windows allow the sun’s natural light in but the sun’s light can also be damaging to window displays, create hot spots and glares and overheat rooms, making your customers and employees uncomfortable. Commercial window films still allow natural light in but help control glare, reduce heat and protect furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays. At Total Protection Films, our commercial window films will help your business allow light in but prevent curious eyes from seeing inside your business. Our commercial window film can help increase security and diminish exterior visibility, protecting the inside of your business, Additional security is provided when you use security window film that prevents glass from shattering, effectively stopping criminals who would try to smash glass and steal from your business. Large windows that keep businesses and storefronts bright and sunny also allow a significant amount of heat in.

Commercial window film can drastically reduce energy costs by reducing the amount of heat let in by windows. Our installers are highly trained and will ensure the commercial window film is installed correctly because your satisfaction is our top priority. At Total Protection Films, our commercial window film will create a more comfortable environment for employees and customers, you will save on energy bills and will be able to rest assured that your business has the added security that only commercial window film can provide.


Increase energy efficiency, and save money on energy bills

Our high quality window tint offers an immense amount of heat reduction from entering, and escaping your home during both the winter, and the summer months. With window tint having an insulated effect, as your home or commercial building’s air conditioning turns on, the film traps the cold air inside rather than allowing it to flow through the windows and escape. During the winter, the film does just this in reverse, refusing to let any cold air enter the home when your heat is turned on. Homes and buildings without window tint will have higher energy bills as both cold air and hot air leave the buildings through all of the surrounding windows. Window tint is the smartest way to assist in climate control.

Added health benefits and personal comfort
When windows are not protected with certified tint, all of those who are in the home or building are exposed to a significant amount of harmful direct sunlight which can increase the risk of skin cancer, aging, and other strong skin damage such as general itching and rashes. Our window tint film is certified by The Skin Cancer Foundation and recommended by its Photobiology Committee to protect your skin against harmful ultra violet rays. Specific window tints also allow an additional blanket of comfort while keeping the skin cool or hot, depending on the controlled temperature in the room, rather than allowing sun to pierce the skin. With the opportunity of adding comfort and health benefits, window tint is always the right decision.

Protect interior material, furniture, and other items
With natural sunlight entering a home or building, any furniture such as wood, leather, carpets and other materials can strongly fade, warp, deteriorate and the intense heat can also cause damage to all internal electronic products. With the added protection of either residential or commercial window tint, all items in the home or building are protected with a maximum heat rejection of 70% all while keeping all damaging solar and natural heat out of the home and building.

Added privacy and protection
All residential and commercial buildings must retain a specific amount of privacy and protection. Additional window tinting can assist in keeping the building and the entire inside private and safe. Window tinting when the correct film is chosen, such as a reflective film, can allow those inside the entire building to see outside, and prevent all from the outside from seeing in. Some window films such as our strong and durable security options can often times be found in bathroom glass or windows for added safety if the glass was to ever shatter, the tint holds it all together and intact preventing it from harming anyone around. The next time you need to add privacy or protection, ditch the blinds and window coverings, and choose window tint!

Service Safety Value

We know that in this fast paced world, the last thing anyone thinks about is window tint for their building. That’s where we come in. We are experts in the field or window tint and can find a solution that best fits your needs. Our installation team is professional and respects our client’s home and privacy.

We deliver to you

We work inside the Phoenix-Metro Valley and outlying areas. We will come to you whether you’re in Buckeye or Queen Creek or anywhere in between. Of course we cover Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Peoria, Goodyear, Surprise, Sun City, and Fountain Hills. Call us today to get fast and reliable service.