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When it comes to window tinting performance, certainly exterior window films are the best. Leading manufacturer of exterior window films-Solargard has made it an even more desirable solution for daylight and temperature control applications with its standard Sentinel plus series of films DX5, Stainless Steel 40, Stainless Steel 25, Stainless Steel 15, SX 80, SX50, Silver 35 and Silver 20.

Despite the growing popularity, many homeowners or office space bearers are having a common concern- Outside weatherable films can be installed on a window outside surface. Yes, there is no issue in applying films on the outer surface of the glass. Exterior window films were earlier overlooked, but it was because of poor durability and performance. But Solargard chucked out all the ambiguity with its exceptionally durable and great performing Sentinel Plus line of films. This film provides maximum heat rejection by being the first line of defense against solar heat and glare.

The technology behind exterior window films

The exterior window film is designed with an innovative hard coat that makes it withstand extreme weather elements. This particular film is equipped with the ability to reflect solar heat before even reaching the glass surface.

To meet customer expectations, we at Total Protection Films provide Sentinel Plus line of window tints in several variations. It could be optically transparent or reflective and comes in handy, maintaining the current aesthetics of a building or home with improved glass performance. Exterior films are also the ideal solution to improve the heat rejection properties of dual-pane windows. These are usually coated with a Low-E coating. The Low-E layer lowers the effectiveness of a material surface to emit energy as heat radiation. In simple words, we can say that it blocks heat.

Advantages of window exterior film

The exterior window films take precision to install and are typically more beneficial than the internal solar specifications. These are UV blockers that protect people and property from any damage or health issues.

Other than this, there are four more advantages of applying films on the outer glass surface.

The top 4 advantages of installing exterior window films are...

1. Accessibility – Outer surface of the glass is easy to access, making exterior films ideal in some situations.

2. Longevity – Exterior films are designed using advanced materials with quality manufacturing. Furthermore, Total Protection Films offers fantastic warranties and well-trained installation technicians making them a viable solution when considering window film options.

3. Performance – Films for the outer window surface perform much better than interior applied films. Hence, these are outgrowing in demand.

4. Aesthetics – People want their building-whether home or office, to look aesthetically pleasing. Exterior beauty becomes equally important for this. Sentinel Plus lines of film offer both performance and beauty to the building.

When do you need outer window films?

There are times when the interior film doesn’t fit the requirements, especially in terms of accessibility. It mainly happens in large commercial buildings, where the interior is filled with heavy machinery or office furniture that is not feasible to move. Reaching the window panes becomes really difficult. Hence the outer window surface film offers an excellent choice.

Why choose Solargard’s Sentinel Plus weatherable window films?

Do you still have doubts about why you should go with exterior tints for your home or commercial building? Basically, Sentinel Plus window films from Solargard are weatherable and offer impressive heat rejection, glare control and UV protection. Eventually, it helps in saving money by reducing air conditioning costs. The best thing is that it provides a refreshed and uniform look for dated buildings.

Therefore, we at Total Protection Films also suggest and provide Solargard’s tints to the architects, designers, building managers, and owners.

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